All about the connections

Although I have not travelled these past two weeks, the time has flown and been full of amazing experiences with the people in my life, old and new!  

You ever have an idea and deep down it just felt right so you went with it? That is what happened with my sister and me.  We have both been living busy lives thousands of miles apart and one day an inspired thought came to us.  The worrying family genes and the pressures of live and work have led us down a path of learning to live an abundant life by attracting and creating a live you love. In the past couple months, I have been contemplating ways to use my photography, a fairly new passion of mine, to share the beauty captured in my photos.  My sister has been posting daily inspirational messages from the internet on her social media accounts; however, these images are often colorless and lacking emotion.  So, after a brief brainstorming session on the phone, we decided to join our passions and launched our new Instagram account, Sunshine for the Soul.  Follow us for daily inspiration thoughts with pictures from yours truly and help share the love and light these messages convey.

Although my schedule is jammed packed, there is still time to spend with old and new connections.  One evening, I enjoyed Spanish tapas and wine while catching up with an old friend I ran into in Aranjuez.  Speaking of Aranjuez, the story continues with the waiter I met there, who has travelled multiple times to the city to see me.  From grabbing drinks, language exchanges, watching a few sunsets, and even kissing in the rain after running through it to get to my next class, I am intrigued to see how this story unfolds…

The past two weekends, I have been fortunate to have visitors from different countries come visit. A couple of friends/former co-workers stayed over the weekend after a training at the Madrid office of my former company.  One night was a mini-reunion with a handful of former co-workers.  It was a bittersweet moment.  One on hand, it was fun catching up and felt like old times but on the other hand, it reminded me that I am no longer part of that life that I lived for several years.  However, I still stand strongly by my decision to move here and I am happy knowing that I can always go back.  That weekend was filled with exploring, laughter, some bad luck, and even deeper connections.  The following weekend, my friend I met in Thailand visited from Germany.  It was him who helped me realize that I needed to learn another language, as he knows seven.  It was great seeing him and meeting his very friendly and welcoming roommates while watching Real Madrid win the Champions League final!

As for travel, I have decided to put it on hold.  I feel at this point, travelling to two other countries and five other cities in Spain is good progress for the amount of time I have been here.  Plus, I am planning to go to four or five countries this summer.  As teaching does not continue throughout the summer, I need to ensure I have the funds to cover rent, food, and those travel plans.  I look forward to walking onto a plane again to a new country full of new experiences, food, and people.  But for now, I am going to live in the moment.

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