Going with the flow

It’s hard to believe that I have been living in Madrid for two months.  It feels like years. Every week has brought new experiences, challenges, and adventures. 

Yet again, my work schedule has changed.  The results of my massive email sends from prior weeks led to two additional interviews at academies both hiring Americans legally.  The internal struggle of accepting and rejecting work almost caused me to cancel the interviews.  Thankfully, I reached out to a friend, a former TEFL teacher living in the Czech Republic, who put things into perspective and reminded me of my original intention of working abroad legally.  Following his advice, I went on the first interview and was offered the position.  Off the bat, I picked up nine hours of in company classes that fit (almost) perfectly into my schedule. As the academy is hiring me legally, my contract will be for 15-20 hours.  Therefore, they will give me more classes and not so surprisingly, my schedule is still in flux.

I began teaching the in company classes at a Spanish Biotech company.  The classes take place in a conference room and it feels good to be back in a familiar setting.  The students are great and eager to improve their English.  I also had my first work happy hour with my new co-workers.  Something I did not and could not have with my previous schedule of private classes and being a nanny.

Of course the academy, the Biotech company, the home I watch the kids, and my apartment are not located near each other or even on the same metro line.  I have learned that I need to give myself an hour to get anywhere in the city to account for walking to the metro, switching metro lines, and walking to the destination.  I wish I could say I have the timing down…

Despite figuring my routine and rushing from place to another, I was able to squeeze in a couple hours to see my first visitors from back home!  My cousin and her husband booked a trip to Madrid and Lisbon.  It was awesome to spend some time with them.

Although life these past two months has been unpredictable, unstable, and stressful, I am slowly learning to go with the flow.  Time to start finding joy in this journey.   

madrid bear.jpg