Straight from a Fairy Tale

Time is flying by.  Monday through Thursday is a big rush between prepping for classes, dealing with unreliable technology, commuting, teaching, and nannying. Sadly, working out and Spanish classes have been put on hold or barely squeezed into my schedule.  However, since I walk around half the city and climb 60+ flights of stairs each day, I’m not too concerned about not consistently making it to the gym.  I calculated that I spend over 2.5 hours commuting to my three jobs four days a week.  Fortunately, this week, I discovered the miraculous mode of transportation called the Express bus.  Taking this bus from the kids’ home back to my house saves me 30 minutes, has great views of the famous four towers in Madrid with the amazing backdrop of the mountains, and free wifi!

I greatly miss and underappreciated the dependable technology back in the States. The printer at my work decided to stop working and after having to pick up a new metro card since my wallet was lost/stolen the previous weekend, I went to a Starbucks to send the documents for my classes to the Office Manager to see if they would print. Of course, after spending too much on coffee, the wifi in the Starbucks also decided not to work. Frustrated, I rushed to my Spanish school (not nearby) to print everything I needed for my classes that were quickly approaching.  Once I got to the school, I had a minor meltdown and thankfully, a guy there listened to my rant and told me that the day was only going to get better, which it did.

A couple days later, he and I went on a day trip to a city north of Madrid called Segovia. The city, weather, views, everything was amazing and by far my favorite day trip yet. As you approach the city, an impressively large and beautiful Roman Aqueduct appears.  From there, we ventured through the walls of the city to the Plaza Mayor and a massive, golden, Gothic Cathedral.  My favorite part of the trip was the royal palace that looked like it came straight from a fairy tale.  We toured the rooms inside and climbed to the top of the tower, where the views were breathtaking.  You could see the whole city and the snow-covered mountains in the background that contrasted beautifully with the bright blue skies and white puffy clouds.  On the way down, we stopped on another level to check out the views.  While looking out of one of the castle windows, he leaned over and kissed me. It felt like a scene from a movie.  After hours of exploring, we were famished and stopped for cervezas (beer) and tapas at a local restaurant while we waited until it was time to return to the train station, which we ended up missing the train.  Unfortunately, that was not the first train I missed nor the last probably.  Although he is leaving Madrid very soon, I will always appreciate the fun we had on this trip.  Check out my photography from Segovia here.

To be honest, these past couple months have been tough, as expected. But I know in time, it will all make sense and be worth it.  Tomorrow, I will be going on my first trip and vacation out of Spain to Portugal.  I know this trip will remind me why I moved to Europe and became the Wandering Virgo…