You’re hired!! Wait, nevermind…

My lovely subscribers, thank you for your patience with my blog posts as I settle into my new life. The past two and a half weeks have been jammed packed.  I completed my teacher training, moved out of my first AirBnb, moved in and out of my second AirBnb, moved into my apartment, went on numerous interviews, went on my first day trip out of the city, attended an expat event, saw my first movie in a Spanish cinema, and continued to explore this beautiful city I now call home.

On my first day trip out of Madrid, my friends and I traveled to Ávila, Spain, a majestic city about two hours outside the city.  The train ride to Ávila came straight out of a movie.  We passed by several rural villages, wild cattle grazing the land, and saw snow covered mountains in the distance.  Once in Ávila, we walked through the modern part of the town to the tall, medieval walls surrounding the old town.  After entering through the walls, we discovered an outdoor market in the square and ate a hearty lunch at a restaurant that too had a medieval feel to it.  After lunch, we climbed the steep and narrow stairs to the top of the wall, where we took in the breathtaking views of the Spanish landscape.  Check out my pictures from the trip here.  

That following week, we completed our teacher training.  We were popping bottles at 11 AM one morning celebrating with the TtMadrid trainers as we entered the teaching world of Madrid.  How interesting it has been!  My CV has been sent through every channel possible from TtMadrid’s network, language schools I found on Google maps or walked by, local advertising sites, to even an email address I saw on a flyer laying on the sidewalk.  After numerous emails, five face-to-face interviews, and one observed class, in which I was thrown into teaching the last thirty minutes unprepared, I finally had a work schedule figured out: a business English class at a well known international Accounting firm and acquiring a former TtMadrid teacher’s 14-hour schedule. It was perfect, and I was all set to start the following Monday. Then the weekend hit.  Back to back, both companies rescinded the offers and went with other teachers, “with whom we have no difficulties when formalizing the contract.”  And, with that I was back to square one.

The following week, I was back at it, sending more emails and going on interviews.  And now, I am starting my first private English class and I may have a job with an English Language School (with paid vacation!) if the Director is willing to compile the necessary paperwork and pay the 200€ fee to hire me legally... 

Putting the complicated job search aside, I have settled into my new apartment.  I am beyond thrilled to be no longer living out of two suitcases and within walking distance to two metro stops, my Spanish classes, friends, and plenty of shopping.  I have two Spanish roommates, in which one knows English and the other does not, which will thankfully force me to work on my Spanish.

Slowly, but surely, my life in Madrid is coming together.