My life in two words: Work and Travel

Time is just flying by. I cannot believe it’s November and I have been living in Madrid for exactly 10 months today.  In these past two weeks, I have added Spanish classes back into my schedule, went out for drinks with all my co-workers, celebrated a friend’s birthday, booked three more trips, and went on a weekend trip to the beautiful, college city of Salamanca, Spain.

Monday through Thursday, I teach three to five classes, run from class to class, and lesson plan during the day.  At night, I have an hour and a half Spanish class two times a week and teach a private class the other two nights.  On those days, I leave my house around 7 AM and I go nonstop until about 9-9:30 PM. On Fridays, I teach five hours or seven hours, alternating each week.  By the end of the week, I am exhausted.  One of my students this week said to me, “I don’t understand how you are so busy if you only work 20 hours a week.” That is a BIG misconception.  Yes, us TEFL teachers on student visas can legally only work (aka teaching hours) 20 hours a week.  But that does not include prepping and commuting all over “God’s green earth,” as one of my friends and fellow co-workers put it.

Again, travelling around Europe makes the craziness all worth it.  This past Friday morning, I messaged my friend and asked if she would be interested in going on a weekend trip. Of course, she was up for the adventure.  Minutes later, our train tickets and Airbnb were booked.  In only hours, we were on our way to Salamanca.  Once we arrived, we dropped off our luggage at the Airbnb and began exploring the city, which happened to be quite dead. The next day, we literally saw everything in Salamanca during the day and night.  The intricate detail and golden sandstone of the architecture was stunning, especially when illuminated at night.  The next day, Sunday, practically the whole city shut down.  But we still were able to enjoy breakfast on the terraza of a café in Plaza Mayor and explore the Casa Lis, a museum with decorative art and a breathtaking stained-glass ceiling.  And with that, we were on our way back to Madrid, dreading the hustle of the workweek ahead of us.  Check out my photography here from Salamanca.

Thankfully, I have another short week (last week, we had a holiday on Thursday) because one, there is yet another Puente (which means bridge and a long holiday weekend) and two, I took off Thursday to travel to Paris, France, another dream trip come true! Je suis tout excite!