The wandering continues...

These past few weeks have been amazing. My trip to Paris was incredible and truly a dream come true, I traveled to a small town south of Madrid with friends to visit some wineries, and I continue with the usual changes to my schedule. I am sad to say that my Spanish classes have not been working out.  But I have a couple exciting trips and adventures ahead of me I am really looking forward to!

Paris was one of the best trips I have had, and there have been a lot of great ones. I had an amazing host from Paris that I met on my trip to Croatia. He was super helpful, thoughtful, and a blast to hang around with. He invited me to hang out with his friends every night, made me breakfast and coffee, taught me useful French phrases, joined me in some of my explorations, hosted a delicious French meal at his place, and even taught me how to (almost) finish a Rubik’s cube. And I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it was to walk under the Eiffel tower, marvel at the numerous masterpieces in the Louvre, and stroll through Montmartre to see the Moulin Rouge (one of my favorite movies) and Sacre Coeur. Simply amazing. Check out my photography from Paris here.

This past weekend, a couple friends and I decided to go take a trip to a winery. As all of them are outside the city center, we had to find one accessible by public transportation. We really lucked out. We found a small, 200-year old winery, an hour bus ride from the city that gave us a private tour in English. We learned about the history of Spanish wine making and enjoyed their delicious wine and local cheese. If you are ever in Madrid, I highly recommending making the trip to Solera Bodegas. One of the business owners, Ismael, was an amazing host, answered all our questions, and gave us recommendations for the rest of the day. He even took us to the winery down the street that had an open house with music and free wine. The history, wine, weather, and company were just perfect. Check out my photography from this trip here.

As for work, although I am working less without the nanny job, I have found my schedule to be quite inefficient. I’ll have a class first thing in the morning, then a break until my class or two in the afternoon, then another break until my evening class(es). And of course, the constant changes if a student cancels or another student is added to my schedule. At least I have ample time to lesson plan and I am not rushing to class to class; however, I find it hard to add things I enjoy during the week. I am surprised to say that I actually miss a, “9-5” schedule. At least it was consistent and efficient.

As for my Spanish classes, those have not been working out. I was in a high beginner class before my trip to Croatia and during my trip, my class had a level test. I missed the test, but they moved me up anyway.  During that time, my schedule was changing, and my work would schedule classes right when my Spanish classes would start or begin; therefore, I’d have to come late and/or leave early.  Therefore, I took a break from classes until it “normalized.” Once I returned, I noticed that the class was too advanced for me and therefore, impacted my motivation to attend. So, I asked to take online classes because I can fit them into my schedule and the classes are one-to-one.  Unfortunately, I have somehow used up all my credits. So, I have to proceed with self-study.

I am super excited for my next two weekends. Next weekend, my friend and I are travelling to Cologne, Germany to enjoy some of my favorites, wheat beer and pretzels, and to see a friend, I met in Budapest, who is from there. Then the following weekend, I will finally make it to Andalucía, the south of Spain, a place I have yet to go. The wandering continues…