And so it begins...

It wasn’t until my trip to London this January that I realized how amazing international travel is.  I fell in love with seeing new places, meeting people from all over the world, and eating native food.  After living the fast pace lifestyle in the Washington, DC area for 5 years, I was ready for a change.  Once I came home from my trip, I started looking for opportunities to make a living while traveling the world.  That is when my sister suggested I consider teaching English abroad.  As a finance and IT professional of 7 years, never did I think my career would switch such directions to something I only dreamed of as a child.  I remember staring at my computer screen at 11:55 PM one March evening debating if I should purchase the online TEFL class with a $400 discount expiring in only minutes.  Using the advice my mother always told me, I made a pro and con list. With only two downsides, being far away from family and it being scary, I took the leap of faith and registered for the class.  About a month later, I traveled across the globe to Thailand with two friends on an unforgettable trip.  The views, food, and the people I met sealed the deal on my decision.

As soon as I returned from Thailand, my online class started, and the next chapter of my life began to unravel. During the months of May through October, I was working crazy hours on a demanding project at work, spending 10-12 hours a week on class work, teaching two night classes a week, jumping through hoops to gather all the documentation for my visa, preparing for my move, all while trying to maintain my composure at work.  I was like a swan, calm on the surface but padding like hell underneath.  I was extremely overwhelmed and hit a low that I could not get out of.  It wasn’t until I submitted my visa application that I finally was able to take a sigh of relief.  At that point, I knew that this was out of my control and if I got my visa, it was meant to be.  Four weeks to that day, my visa arrived in the mail. When I was opening that package, I felt a range of emotions.  That was the only thing that would hold me back and there it was in my hands. That following Monday, I gave my manager my notice.  The last three weeks of work was very bittersweet.  The company is truly a unique place and the best part is the people.  I will cherish the memories and the friendships I made and hope to stay in touch.

After months of preparation and an emotional roller coaster, I can say I am ready for this adventure and cannot wait to see where life takes me.  Join me on this journey of a lifetime.